Tunes I composed for various projects.

The title tune for Tourist No1.

My tune from the album of Mihály Borbély’s Polygon.

The Overture written for the play “Kivagy János”.

A tune of mine, recorded by the band “1705”: Zsolt Kaltenecker (pno), Béla Piri (b), and myself.

Another tune from Tourist No1 with Mátyás Szandai’s and Dániel Szabó’s beautiful solos.

A song written for the play “Borsószem”, performed by Orsi Kozma and Gábor Winand. Words written by Anna Szabó T.

A tune from my first trio’s album, Unquiet Stillness featuring Szabolcs Oláh (g) and Mátyás Szandai (b). Guest appearance by the amazing Róbert Szakcsi Lakatos on Fender Rhodes. Besides my percussion setup on this track I play a special Hungarian instrument, the “ütőgardon”.

Music composed for the commercial of Logifaces, a creative and beautiful game.

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